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Accessibility for visually impaired improved at Lincoln Home thanks to Aware

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Sensible Innovations worked with the team at Lincoln Home National Historic Site to improve accessibility for the visually impaired.

We installed Bluetooth iBeacons throughout the attraction in downtown Springfield, Illinois. Visitors to the national park can download the Aware app, available on Apple and Android, free of charge through the app store, and navigate the grounds and buildings through the wayfinding feature with turn-by-turn descriptive navigation. Not only are users able to navigate the visitor attraction through descriptive navigation but the app offers an interactive map with enhanced blue-dot wayfinding experience. And if that wasn’t enough, users can easily access information about places nearby.

Audio tours are also available through the Aware app. Audio tours tell stories about the homes and lots throughout the site. A ‘ding’ sound on the user’s phone prompts them to listen to a story about a location when roaming the area.

In 2019 we worked with the City of Springfield to install Aware iBeacons throughout the downtown area. In total 244 iBeacons were placed on Jefferson, Fifth, Edwards, and Seventh streets. We are so excited that, yet another part of the city will be equally accessible to sighted and visually impaired residents and visitors.