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Price of Sight

Audible Menus from Sensible Innovations AWARE app

We currently live in an exciting time where advancements in technology have created many opportunities – including the chance to see for those with low to no vision. Tech has provided solutions to the issue of sight, including portable, handheld, and wearable devices that have the potential to completely change the lives of the visually impaired. Unfortunately, many of these technology “cures” are not realities or realistic for many who could benefit from them as this tech comes with a lofty price tag that could also include hourly, monthly, or annual service fees which end up costing thousands of dollars a year and often render these devices unattainable.

​So how can we as innovators create more obtainable tech for users? At Sensible Innovations, we put cost on our forefront and make it part of our mission to create solutions that are not only flexible and adaptable to any budget that fits within the reasonable accommodations requirements of the ADA, but we have also placed the cost on venues rather than users. Aware Accessible Wayfinding (U.S. Utility Patent No. 9,726,746) is also a cost-effective system that is easy to install, with 24 hour access to the Admin Portal - making it an efficient and valuable tool. The Aware mobile app is currently available for free download and use at both Apple Store and Google Play.

​Anyone who has downloaded the mobile application on their iOS or Android device can use the app to pull information from strategically placed iBeacons for real-time, turn-by-turn navigation. The Aware application also boasts outdoor capability and transitions smoothly between outdoor and indoor use. Aware users can now explore university campuses, downtown areas, and more without limitations providing distance, navigation, and other destination-specific information. The “Around Me” feature lets users explore areas of interest around them while the “Audible Menus” includes menus from popular restaurants – making dining on the go easier than before.

​Aware Accessible Wayfinding has been installed in multiple locations around the U.S. and in the UK. Sensible Innovations has also received the METRO Magazine Innovative Solutions award for work completed earlier this year at Hempstead Transit Center in NY. By continuing to provide affordable solutions for both users and buyers, we hope to create an environment of equality for people who are visually impaired without creating further financial barriers that can often accompany this type of technology. Our vision is a world without limitations.