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Sensible Innovations Honored at METRO’s Innovative Solutions Awards

Sensible Innovations and Nassau-Inter-County Express (NICE) was recognized for their partnership along with five other bus operations and partner organizations during METRO Magazine’s 3rd annual Innovative Solutions Awards ceremony at BusCon in Indianapolis on Wednesday, September 13 ,for their implementation of new innovations which assisted in the improvement of areas pertaining to training, costs, efficiency, operations, or safety.

​Sensible Innovations partnered with NICE in May to introduce the AWARE Accessible Wayfinding (U.S. Utility Patent No. 9,726,746) mobile app to the Rosa Parks Hempstead Transit Center, helping visually-impaired bus riders safely navigate one of Nassau’s busiest stations. Through the installed iBeacons and AWARE app, bus users now have access to “audible signs” allowing them to determine their current location, directions to and information on bus bays, ticket machines, exits, restrooms, and more.

​Sensible Innovations is truly honored to be recognized by METRO Magazine and hopes to foster future partnerships that will further advance the availability of the AWARE Accessible Wayfinding solution in venues globally.

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