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Audible Menus: Food options you can hear

Audible Menus from Sensible Innovations AWARE app

Sensible Innovations is proud to announce that we have included a new audible menu feature to our AWARE application. As of now, we have included menus for popular restaurants in the Springfield, IL area including TGI Fridays, Chili’s Bar & Grill, Panera Bread, Olive Garden, Panda Express, Mariah’s, Applebee’s, IHOP, Red Lobster, and Outback Steakhouse.

​The addition of this feature will further increase the usability of our app and allows users to listen to audible menus that may have otherwise been inaccessible to them - providing them with the freedom to browse food items at their leisure as opposed to having to search for accessible menu versions online or through memorization. The audible menu also means that users no longer need someone else to read menus for them. Users also have the option to locate specific menu items while using the application, bypassing items that they may not be interested in.

​The easy to navigate and user friendly AWARE app makes locating the venues and menus fast. Users can get started by selecting ‘Venus’ on the home screen of the application. From here, the user can select one of the listed restaurants. Upon selection, the next options will appear. Just press ‘Directory’ and the app will bring up the selected restaurant’s various menu items, with the option to break down items into different categories located at the top of the screen. When browsing the menu, select a menu item to view and hear the full item description.

​While other applications may provide audible menus, AWARE is the only application available that, once installed by an establishment, uses iBeacon technology to provide users with proximity based, turn-by-turn voice navigation. We are proud of the additional features and advancements that we have made to the AWARE application, making it an app that is useful not only to the blind and visually impaired, but also to those wishing to explore their surroundings by accessing vital information at their fingertips. We see a world of possibility which includes venue and information accessibility in mass transportation areas, on campuses, in restaurants, and wherever else life takes you.

For more information on how to include a menu in the AWARE application, please contact Sensible Innovations by calling 866.807.6146 or e-mail