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Becoming Campus AWARE

Becoming Campus AWARE

Searching for the perfect college is a challenge. To sharpen their edge above the competition, universities are now offering more in depth information and interactive features on their sites, making the simple trifold brochure a token of the past. Welcome packages during orientation not only include flyers, but are now peppered with links and applications available to students making accessing campus sites and features as simple as touching the screen of their phone or tablet. Virtual tours and 3D maps are also being used to provide tours for students that are unable to make a campus trip, increasing the likelihood that these students will select to attend their school. With all these changes, it’s natural that universities would take the next step and move to interactive, virtual maps that help students better prepare and succeed in campus life.

​The AWARE application, initially created to assist the visually impaired in wayfinding, provides users with virtual indoor and outdoor maps, but also has the capability of providing turn-by-turn directions, real-time updates based upon current location, and an easy to use application. AWARE includes the tools needed to get from one point to the other, but also provides the option for in-depth information on all the sites and features you would come across along the way. Essentially, it directs you where to go, and shows what is available along the way and once you get there.

​AWARE is also fully customizable. Sensible Innovations works with each organization to ensure successful mapping, installation, and use of the application. Upon completion, Sensible Innovations trains authorized facility staff on how to use the secure Admin Portal. This portal is accessible 24/7, meaning that updates and adjustments can be done in a time sensitive fashion without the need for third-party intervention. Important route and building information such as construction, weather, room changes, class cancellations, and more are now a breeze. Unknown or non-visible areas like restrooms, administrative offices, and student services can also be included in descriptions. Without the need for multiple maps, parking lots, emergency call boxes, lighted walkways, and more can be announced or shown via the AWARE application making navigating the campus safe, no matter what time of the day.

​Learn about Sensible Innovations and discover how AWARE can create a more accessible campus for your students, staff, and visitors by visiting, calling 866.807.6146, or e-mailing