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Spreading AWAREness

Spreading AWAREness - The 3-step process

Upon recognizing the glaring need for better audio-information for people who are visually impaired, Sensible Innovations created the AWARE wayfinding system and app for both iOS and Android users. AWARE only works when location-based electronic stickers (iBeacons) are strategically placed around a site or venue. The voice instruction helps users get real-time information where and when it’s relevant and navigate public spaces with ease. Now available for venues to purchase, the AWARE system has already experienced successful deployments at The Chicago Lighthouse, Mary Bryant Home, NICE bus Hempstead Transit Center, Vision Forward Association, Essex County Council, has been the Audio Guide at several symposiums and summits, and is working diligently with any and all interested businesses, groups, and organizations to increase coverage.

​In recent months, it has come to our attention that there may be some misconceptions surrounding the lack of availability of AWARE in other public places. This is for a variety of reasons including permission to install AWARE electronic stickers on private property, and purchasing of the system. Those wishing to enhance venue accessibility for people who are visually impaired, would first be quoted and then purchase AWARE, after which time the AWARE system is deployed on location through a 3-step process.

​Step 1 – Venue site survey.

​Step 2 – Electronic Stickers (iBeacons) are configured. Sensible Innovations technology transforms the image map into a text-based map with physical location data set into the AWARE Content Admin portal.

​Step 3 - System calibration and quality assurance testing is performed onsite while walking the facility pathways to ensure coverage and functionality. Sensible Innovations then trains authorized facility staff on how to use the Admin Portal to manage their facility and electronic sticker (iBeacon) content.​

By relaying information on how the application works and is installed, we hope to inform our users as to why AWARE may not yet be available in their area. There are many ways that our supporters can help spread the news about Sensible Innovations and the AWARE application such as speaking to employers, managers, campuses, and local groups and organizations about the importance of audible signage and accessible way finding solutions for equal access of information to their sites. Much of our product and services information as well as news and updates are available at www.sensible- or on our Facebook page Those interested in speaking with us further about referrals, hosting opportunities, and quotes can contact us by e-mailing