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Unique Features

Sensible Innovations and the AWARE wayfinding app

When Sensible Innovations was founded, we set out with a very specific mission – to create an indoor and outdoor wayfinding application that not only increased user confidence, comfort, and experience, but also closed the information gap. While the initial vision was to assist the blind or visually impaired, once the Aware application tapped into beacon technology capability, an entire world full of possibility was revealed.

Through programmed SmartLandmarkTM wayfinding tags, user devices can relay location-based announcements, detailed location descriptions, audio turn-by-turn navigation, provide information on tourist attractions, and much more. But, these tags and the Aware application is not just limited to digital audio navigation; our graphic user interface utilizes bold text and contrasting colors, making reading and finding information and options highly visible and easy to navigate. Along with this ease of use, utilization of the app ranges widely and could include helping jet lagged tourists deftly maneuver bustling travel terminals, directing busy mothers shopping with a cart full of toddlers to items in a new grocery store or large department stores, assisting friends or families in discovering new attractions at crowded amusement parks, and showing students the fastest route to classes on campus during their nerve-racking first day at university.

Sensible Innovations is constantly working on ways to heighten user experience through the utilization of newer technology, making the beacons and application faster and more efficient. All Apple and Android devices with the latest Bluetooth 4 (BLE) are compatible with the AWARE SmartLandmarksTM which feature Bluetooth 4.0, which is low-energy while also providing some of the most secure encryption currently available on market, making the app accessible to virtually anyone with a smartphone or handheld device and safe to use.

Throughout the installation process, Sensible Innovations takes into consideration venue layout, signal, and directional movement to ensure a seamless experience and remains dedicated to discovering possible evolution and adaptation of the AWARE system.

Access to the Admin Portal to update information such as venue maps or onsite calibration is available 24/7. Our algorithm converts image maps to text-based maps with your venue’s physical location data and the ability to login at any time, and as frequently as you like, puts all the control in your hands. You can post time sensitive content pertaining to updates, event information, promotions, specials, and whatever else you can dream up – the possibilities really are endless.

For more information on the Sensible Innovations AWARE application and how we can create a more accessible tomorrow today, please visit our site at or contact us by calling 866.807.6146 or e-mailing