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2017 IAER Vision Conference: Let the Vision Persevere

Smart Technology and the Internet of Things

In February, our CEO and founder Rasha Said attended the 2017 IAER Vision Conference in Naperville, Illinois.

The organization, which formed in 1984 as a meshing of the American Association of Workers for the Blind and the Association for Education of the Visually Handicapped, supports professionals that provide education and rehabilitation services to people with visual impairments – something that Sensible Innovations is proud to stand behind.

During this annual event, the IAER was host to over 35 sessions including those for Orientation and Mobility Specialists.

At the conference Rasha spoke to industry experts, O&M Specialists, educators, and parents about the “Internet of Things and Smart Navigation for the Visually Impaired”. Throughout her presentation, Rasha discussed the latest in smart technology, wireless connectivity, and ways that we can close the information gap that currently exists between the sighted and visually impaired population.

Rasha was also able to share information about the Aware app, specifically targeting O&M Specialists to demonstrate how the use of Aware and iBeacons, could assist event more of their low vision students with indoor and outdoor navigation with higher efficiency, while accessing information that is often overlooked. As a result, we have gained interest from those in the O&M Specialist field wanting to purchase our packs as daily assistive technology tools and offering their support to spread the word about Aware. If you are an O&M Specialist and want to find out more about our app please email Rasha at

Smart Technology PowerPoint Presentation Cover