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Influence: Rasha to Speak on the Influence of Technology at Women's Symposium

On Sept. 7, I will be speaking at the Illinois Women in Leadership “Influence” Symposium. I am thrilled to talk to this audience of women, all of whom will gather together to discuss a variety of ways to better influence our community and the greater world.

One of the biggest methods of influence is through technology. Technology influences our lives by keeping us informed and connected. We live in a world where some information isn’t universally available if we do not pay attention to the needs of others. But if used and implemented wisely and with thought, we can level the playing field.

As an entrepreneur and mother to a child who is losing his vision, I developed Aware to help improve 21 million people's lives. In my session, I will discuss how I took Aware from concept to reality, discussing how to get a technology company off the ground, and sharing my story with all its hurdles and the triumphs.

I am on a mission to create an environment of equality through innovative technology to positively influence the lives of others. And I can’t wait to discuss it with our attendees.

Additionally, iBeacons will be set up around the Wyndham Springfield City Centre so attendees can try Aware for themselves. Download Aware at the App Store or on Google Play. And register for the IWIL Women’s Symposium here.