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The Aware difference

People with visual impairments or blindness have several options when it comes to apps that will help them navigate the world. With a number of available methods, it’s important to know what makes Aware stand apart.

Rather than work with third-party apps to gather information about your surroundings, Aware utilizes a patent-pending database system and iBeacon technology to deliver information others cannot—both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, Aware provides users the option of how to use it. Use audio. Use the screen, designed especially for low-vision users. Limit or maximize the information you receive as you see fit. Our layers of information put you in charge of how you receive it.

Finally, Aware can be used hands-free. Since it’s not using the compass function on your phone to navigate, you don’t have to hold it. Plug in some earbuds, stick it in your pocket and be free to use your hands for more important things, from canes to coffee.

As always, we’re listing to user feedback to make Aware above and beyond and stand out among the rest.