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Android Users -- Get Aware!

Aware is now available for Android users on Google Play.

Sensible Innovations first launched Aware as an iOS app in 2015 using iBeacon technology to help the visually impaired more fully experience their surroundings and navigate public spaces in real time via voice instruction. The app had successful results in a test pilot program at a public school in Chatham, Illinois. Sensible Innovations is now building upon that real-world experience by rolling out the product nationwide, including at this month's National ADA Symposium and the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Aware is a mobile app that provides indoor directions and descriptions. Using Sensible Innovations electronic stickers, Aware is built with large fonts and high contrast or a Braille display for those who prefer to read, and is completely audible for non-visual users. The audible function is also handy for anyone who wants to receive locations specific information without having to look or swipe a smart phone screen.

Responding to Apple-created iBeacons placed in the locations you need to know about, Aware provides information—from turn-by-turn audio navigation to location-based descriptions. Aware can announce landmarks and guide you to your destination. It can even can detect when you are going the wrong route and adjust your route accordingly. Know where you are, where you’re going, what’s nearby and much more.

Download Aware on iTunes or Google Play.