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Global Accessibility Awareness Day: An Important Day for a Necessary Goal

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a day devoted awareness for the technological advancements providing greater accessibility for those with disabilities.

That’s exactly what AWARE is all about. AWARE uses iBeacons and the existing technology in smartphones to provide audio-based guidance and information to users. Because people with visual impairments or blindness should absolutely have the same access to information as sighted people. Everyone should be able to readily know that they have happened upon a coffee shop, to learn about a new business in town that they’ve discovered by walking past, to get to explore and discover the world around them without having to memorize a map beforehand.

Accessibility isn’t about making life easier; it’s about everyone getting to live their lives with the same opportunities and information. I’m thrilled to be able to say today, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, that we’ve brought the world one more way to provide accessibility.

For more information on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, visit and search #GAAD on Twitter.