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iOS App Creates AWAREness for the Visually Impaired

Rasha Said launched Sensible Innovations to help improve the lives of America’s almost 21 million visually impaired. In 2015, the mom of three created the AWARE Audible Proximity App, an iOS app using iBeacon technology, to help the visually impaired more fully experience their surroundings in real time and navigate public spaces via voice instruction. The app, which she launched from her office in Springfield just months ago, has already proved successful in a test pilot program at Glenwood High School, a public school in Chatham. Sensible Innovations is now building upon that real-world experience by rolling out the product nationwide.

Rasha created the AWARE concept out of a glaring need for better audio information technology following her own experiences with her teenage son who is visually impaired. She is dedicated to making AWARE a marquee brand in the location-based iBeacon services market, her ultimate goal being the creation of a new paradigm for visually impaired services.

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