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Becoming Campus AWARE

Searching for the perfect college is a challenge. To sharpen their edge above the competition, universities are now offering more in depth information and interactive features on their sites, making the simple trifold brochure a token of the past. Welcome packages during orientation not only include flyers, but are now peppered with links and applications available to students making accessing campus sites and features as simple as touching the screen of their phone or tablet. Virtual tours and 3D maps are also being used to provide tours for students that are unable to make a campus trip, increasing the likelihood that these students will select to attend their school. With all these change

Sensible Innovations: AHEAD - Association on Higher Education And Disability 40th Annual Conference

AHEAD - Association on Higher Education And Disability Sensible Innovations will be speaking on Wednesday, July 19th from 12:45p to 1:45p in the Lake Virginia Room at the Hilton Orlando Hotel. CEO Rasha Said will be sharing how the AWARE application utilizes the latest in smart technology, including wayfinding tools, to support students who are visually impaired in navigating university campuses with confidence and ease in her ‘The next generation of campus way-finding for the visually impaired’ presentation. Attendees will also enjoy a demonstration of AWARE app using iBeacon technology, learn how it works, and how to overcome technology challenges with examples from real deployment. ​Those

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Our goal is to help people who are visually impaired explore their surroundings independently.

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