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iBeacons – Evolution from Retail Roots

The development of the iBeacon was set to change the face of retail as we knew it. Through the use of these small, battery-powered, wireless devices and the utilization of Bluetooth low-energy technology, retailers could advertise not only their presence, but also their services, sales, discounts, and other related materials based on a consumer’s location. The hope was to increase their individual visibility while collecting purchasing habit information and increase brand loyalty – a one-stop in monitoring and utilization. This initial launch was a clear demonstration that the technology works and does hold value, but perhaps not as initially intended. Now, looking to the future and alternat

2017 IAER Vision Conference: Let the Vision Persevere

In February, our CEO and founder Rasha Said attended the 2017 IAER Vision Conference in Naperville, Illinois. The organization, which formed in 1984 as a meshing of the American Association of Workers for the Blind and the Association for Education of the Visually Handicapped, supports professionals that provide education and rehabilitation services to people with visual impairments – something that Sensible Innovations is proud to stand behind. During this annual event, the IAER was host to over 35 sessions including those for Orientation and Mobility Specialists. At the conference Rasha spoke to industry experts, O&M Specialists, educators, and parents about the “Internet of Things and Sma

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Our goal is to help people who are visually impaired explore their surroundings independently.

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