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Wayfinding - Connecting Us to the Physical World

Imagine that you’re heading to an appointment at a new doctor’s office on a busy Monday morning. You’ve never been there before, so upon arrival, you head straight to the information kiosk to see what direction you need to head to make it in time. With a quick glance at your watch, you decide you have enough time to visit the restroom before going to the elevator and selecting the desired floor. Without even knowing it, you have easily navigated this new space through the process of wayfinding. Wayfinding, which is the way people orient themselves in a physical space and navigate from one point to another, helps us connect with our environment and feel at home and welcome wherever we go. Wit

Aware : Conference Audio Guide

How do you prepare for a big convention or event? Typically you would take a look at a map and figure out how to get to all the things you want as quickly as possible. Once at the event, you would rely on your memory, map, and posted signage to direct you. In the event you got lost, you would look for an employee wearing an identifying shirt or badge to assist you. For someone who is visually impaired, relying on visual cues such as these is not an option and while some signage may also contain braille, available does not always equal accessible. Navigation proves to be difficult in a temporary conference setting that does not allow for prior practice or instruction for the visually impaired

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Our goal is to help people who are visually impaired explore their surroundings independently.

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