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American Foundation for the Blind interviews Rasha Said, App Creator and Founder

The Aware Audible Proximity Solution Navigation App: An Interview with Rasha Said, App Creator and Founder of Sensible Innovations By Aaron Preece GPS systems have become so advanced they can easily and accurately provide location and navigation instructions with little difficulty when traveling outdoors. When navigating indoors, however, these systems are of little use. There have been many attempts to produce an indoor navigation system for people with vision loss. In many cases, these projects never leave the prototype stage, so there are currently very few options for indoor navigation on the market. The Aware app is a new indoor navigation solution from Sensible Innovations. To learn mo

SBJ Features AWARE

Local woman invents app for vision-impaired. By Gabe House Rasha Said’s son describes AWARE as “a sign you can hear.” The free Android and iOS app, created by Said, is for the blind and vision-impaired with all information conveyed by voice to the user. Utilizing iBeacons placed in specific areas and containing configurable information, AWARE can serve several different functions. “If they want to learn more about their current location, they can get more information about it,” Said explained. “It also functions a lot like a GPS, giving turn-by-turn directions. Since it updates them in real-time, it can help them stay on the right path.” Read the full story on the SJB website here: http://s

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