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Influence: Rasha to Speak on the Influence of Technology at Women's Symposium

On Sept. 7, I will be speaking at the Illinois Women in Leadership “Influence” Symposium. I am thrilled to talk to this audience of women, all of whom will gather together to discuss a variety of ways to better influence our community and the greater world. One of the biggest methods of influence is through technology. Technology influences our lives by keeping us informed and connected. We live in a world where some information isn’t universally available if we do not pay attention to the needs of others. But if used and implemented wisely and with thought, we can level the playing field. As an entrepreneur and mother to a child who is losing his vision, I developed Aware to help improve 21

Sandy's View: Becoming ‘Aware’ of Your Surroundings Through Modern Technology

"I hope that one day more places will adopt this remarkable technology so that people with vision loss have the freedom to venture out and explore at their heart’s content. Kudos to Rasha Said and the entire Sensible Innovations team for their hard work. The possibilities for this technology are endless!" Thank you so much to Sandy Murillo and Chicago Lighthouse for this wonderful review of Aware. We love hearing people's amazing Aware experiences!

IWIL Symposium

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Illinois Women in Leadership, also known as IWIL, are gearing up for their women's symposium. A panel of guests discusses the 5th Annual Women's Symposium, taking place September 7th at the Wyndham City Center in downtown Springfield, Illinois. This all-day professional development conference is for local female business leaders in our community. The theme for this year's conference is Influence. Rasha Said, founder of Sensible Innovations will be one of 15 featured speakers. She will be discussing how smart technologies keep us connected. View full video here: Interview originally aired on August

Sensible Innovations FOX Illinois Interview

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — One local innovator has set out to make the places you and I take for granted more accessible to those with visual impairments. Joining us is Rasha Said from Sensible Innovations. You can read the original story here​. Interview originally aired on May 6, 2016.

High Praise for AWARE App

Sensible Innovations was recognized at the M-Enabling Summit & Conference held on June 13-14 in Washington, D.C. The AWARE app was described as, "a terrific innovation for this summit with the beacon system." Watch the video above. To learn more about the summit visit

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Our goal is to help people who are visually impaired explore their surroundings independently.

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